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Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty Makeup - Los Angeles and New York


Mastering the art of beauty makeup is an essential skill for any makeup artist, no matter what medium or industry she or he chooses. This course is designed to emphasize the skills and attention to detail required for beauty makeup application for film, high-definition television, print photography, advertising, and retail cosmetics. Students will learn facial contouring using highlights and shadows, correction and concealing techniques, base matching, eye and lip treatments, airbrush techniques, and the proper use of powder and cheek color. As part of this course, students will be required to complete projects that range from natural makeup to avant-garde looks.




Base Unit

  • Properly setup a professional and sanitary workspace and makeup station
  • Identify bone structure, skin tone, skin condition, coloration, imperfections, and the positive and the negative aspects of the face
  • Identify skin undertones and shades.
  • Properly match and apply base


Corrective Unit

  • Properly apply concealers to correct negative colors and blemishes in as thin an application as possible


Highlight and Shadow Unit

  • Properly highlight and shadow two dimensional objects to look like three dimensional objects
  • Identify natural shadows on the face and properly apply highlight to correct those shadows
  • Correct the nose shape using shadow and highlight with cream and powder products.
  • Properly apply highlight and shadows for the cheekbone and jaw line.


Eye Unit

  • Correct eyebrows using the classic eyebrow theory and graphs
  • Correct the various eye shapes with highlight and shadow.
  • Properly apply the four Classic eyeliner positions. The student will be able to do the point-to-point method with: cake liner (wet applied), powder, pencil, and creams.
  • Properly curl eyelashes and apply mascara
  • Properly apply false eyelashes


Lip Unit

  • Properly apply lip color, including how to load the brush and use the point-to-point method to apply the color.
  • Correct lips using pencils and lip colors


Beauty Make-up Unit

  • Apply a 100% corrective make-up flawlessly

Fashion Unit

  • Properly layer eye shadow and create dramatic looks


Drawing Unit

  • Properly create a graph with color pencils of different shades of flesh tone.
  • Copy a photograph of a face using tracing techniques and adjust the light source in accordance with sculptural light for the make-up artist.
  • Draw an actor using overlay techniques and change elements to fit design needs.


Natural Make-up Unit

  • Properly create a natural makeup that has a true no-makeup look.


Business Unit

  • Understand proper set etiquette as well as handling themselves in all professional environments
  • Create a personal look for all business paperwork and promotional material.
  • Design their business card, incorporating their own personal style
  • Breakdown a script and create notes.


Airbrush Unit

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the airbrush
  • Identify and make informed decisions
  • about the different types of airbrushes, compressors and makeups.
  • Properly maintain and care for an airbrush
  • Assemble and disassemble an airbrush with ease, as well as trouble shoot any potential problems.
  • Control the airbrush and able to create any pattern or shape desired by the instructor.
  • Identify skin undertones and shades. They are able to identify the correct makeup that matches the model’s skin tone.
  • Properly apply base to a model in an even application, without missing any areas
  • Create a beauty make-up with the airbrush
  • Cover up a tattoo with make-up
  • Properly use the airbrush for corrective body makeup
  • Apply airbrush tanning solution evenly and without streaks


Print Unit

  • Properly create photography makeups

Film Unit

  • Properly create film characters and can
  • identify what is required on a film set.

High Definition Unit

  • Properly apply makeup for high definition television


Bridal Unit

  • Understand how to do a bridal consultation
  • Properly complete a consultation and apply makeup according to bride’s requirements.


Avant-garde Unit

  • Design an avant-garde makeup


Mature Make-up Unit

  • Apply makeup to mature skin


Men’s Corrective

  • Apply a minimalistic corrective makeup for men